1010 Full body…tingle
Go back to sleep

1010 Full body…tingle


Intense dreams, woke up at 2:30am sweaty, and I thought it was time to get up until I looked at my phone and saw the time. Then I thought, “that’s why I’m so tired!” So I did get back to sleep without my mind racing too much, but it was broken up with flashes of vivid dreams. I’m not complaining though, I live for it. Body feels good, do you feel the 1010 portal energy, it’s a full body…tingle. Or was that my sleep paralysis demon?

I recieved my secret (oracle & tarot) decks yesterday, I am so excited to use them, the art work is exquisite! I kind of wish I got the full size tarot deck but got a mini deck instead, because I don’t have any minis and wanted to see how they shuffle. I’ll reveal them on Halloween in an unboxing way even though I opened them, maybe using my cute little voice again that happens when I speed up the video. I will do two consecutive readings Nov 1&2, on IG. It will give me a chance to acquaint myself with the unique reading style of the oracle, it really is so cool I can’t wait to show it!

I took a picture of the moon this morning, really cool in person Chimmie barked at it, but I didn’t hear the coyotes this am, strange.

The moon above the mountains this morning but too dark for a good pic

I might hop on FB today and post something. I let it lag again, I just can’t get myself back into it. I might also publicly post one of my sub only posts today ♾️ II, but the window will be very very short, best of luck to you to see it, and if you’ve read it one of the other times I had it briefly public it has been massively updated. Happy Thursday, have a great tingly day, call back your energy before sleeping! 👈🏻 Important