102 Days (A Wellness Post)
It’s true

102 Days (A Wellness Post)


…since the swelling became an issue.  Doubling down on my own health from now until June 1st. Both big toes are so busted, but, I have to keep being positive.  I’m going to get some freezer booties and a grounding mat to add to my wellness journey. At night my feet and ankles are on fire despite what happening the rest of my body, so hot it feels cold sometimes, lol, fever feet. Putting something cold on them is actually great at night for awhile, I could put them on over my socks. In Las Cruces I had the same issue on and off and I would put a wet wash cloth in the freezer for a few minutes and put those on my feet but I like the boot idea better. All the while the rest of me is covered up with a blanket. I know I’m like in permanent blanket mode, trust me, I’m over it too.

Then also getting the leg massager soon, which I hope really helps. I need to make some better food choices starting next week. Ordering my turmeric ginger tea and a bag mushroom coffee to have occasionally with adaptogen coconut creamer. Also the multivitamin I spoke of last month and 4-in-1 gut restore. 😮‍💨. I’m still having one regular coffee a day but that is it. I don’t think the circulation supplement is helping much in the way I hoped, I’ll finish the bottle but probably not get it again. I tried it at least, I wasn’t sure if a blood supplement would help the lymph system but some people’s antidotes convinced me to try. I really don’t want to spend $800+ on a lymph pump, but if all else fails I’ll have to. Going to grab my Shea Moisture Himalayan salt body wash, it lasts a longtime, but hard to find (I found it 😆). I saw Cerave ointment balm I might go ahead and get that to try it and compare with the Cetaphil cream. It has lots of uses and positive reviews so it has struck my curiosity.

I would show my toes but I don’t want to make anyone sick, lol. My left big toe feels like it has compartment syndrome, but the tight pressure feeling is only at night so that doesn’t make sense, my newest socks do not constrict the feet. The rest of my toes on both feet look good, nails are good whatever just the big toes are funky.

😂 feels like this

Think well of me so I can get better. Have a beautiful day.