13 degrees south
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13 degrees south


Well, I really meant to post again last night but I started dozing off while writing so change of plan. It took a bit longer to archive files on IG than I expected.

The energy the past couple days has been SO positive and good, I hope it continues. I wanted to touch on my future plans. Going to be vague because, you really shouldn’t reveal much to others. I’ll just say my wardrobe will include more black lace, floppy hats and sunglasses, lol.

Anyways, yes I know, I just got here to Kansas. I’ll be here for the next little bit but…it’s temporary. Funny but I still can’t envision me here and I am here, that means it is not important. Probably not at the this address long either. Houses open up the end of school so I’ll be looking then for something more private. Then hopefully be there until I’m no longer in Kansas. A few years still…while I create my best life. 3D feels like it takes forever. I just keep reminding myself I’m still on my high timeline, a straight line actually as the crow flies South.

The thing about manifesting is when you start doing it and it is on the grandiose side, spirit likes that, want you to go for it, and year of the dragon should reveal the steps you must take for you highest timeline, your gonna get what you want, but it still takes awhile. Your higher mind is exploding with new info and this expansion will trickle down to the other dimensions you just have be patient. I don’t mean that grandiose idea as built for show, that kind of tower usually falls. I mean grand as unlikely due to circumstances for us as an individual due to things we can’t control. In process just have faith in being shown solutions as they come from the universe.

Manifesting doesn’t happen in 3D, but the physical work part does, and everything material has to physically move through time which is a lot of energy expenditure. So, estimating that next phase standing in at three years, is still pretty fucking fast for a grand manifestion. This outcome I can see with all eyes so it will happen, very excited about it. One last long distance move and I. am. home! Claiming a piece of property and not renting anymore. I will only be 47, still lots of 3D time to live how I want to. I will probably workout a vision board soon of what I see happening. Yes, vision boards help don’t let anyone make fun of you for it.

Is it going to be my best boho goth life away from city bullshit? Yes! Yes it is. It will be warm and wild and earthy, most importantly a place I can create and be “That witch“, and continue my unbecoming journey of all that I am not. I can already smell the air of the rain on the sand back in my southern hellscape. Getting even closer to sea level where I should be. In a way I am already home just thinking about it.

Excerpt from and old post, not sure if I’ll be in an earth ship or off grid but definitely land around me and possibly 🐐!