It’s a beautiful day! I did get some sleep last night with a few intermissions to drink water. I have it right beside me so it’s not that interruptive. I drank a full 24 oz last night! Some dream activities, but not real clear, in a very good mood upon waking up.

I did go against my rules this morning and had 2 coffees instead of 1. It felt necessary, lol. I’m on pineapple juice now, and then back to water after that.

Forgot to take my tourmaline bracelet off last night, oops! I played root chakra frequency but woke up with the ear bud not in my ear. Lol I need a grounding mat to lay my legs on. Have you ever seen an astronaut come back from space unable to walk? Their body/brain forgets about gravity as they decompress. Kind of the same thing with ascension, we need grounding, especially during solar flares they make you clumsy af. Mindful movement no autopilot today, energy should be balancing back out, but still air on caution. Three days rest, tend to your inner garden, full moon is coming. Meditation, WATER, salt, massage, stretch, nourishment, sleep, stay cuddly 🤣.

…and back to the drawing board…literally. Lol. My soul is so happy it’s beaming, what shall we create today? I’m baking some pasta.

My inner universe is well 🦋

🤣 todays shadows near the boob lights, I can’t help it these light fixtures cast boob shadows!