Self care Sunday
This is a post from FB I posted a few years ago, selfcare through frequency.

Self care Sunday


I started this post yesterday:

You have to pay to watch this on Gaia but, it’s an amazing mind expanding show to watch over countless other things you could watch.

This morning 👇🏻

Such a bizarre morning, slept fine didn’t get to it until 12:30am. Had two coffees and I think it changed my mood…I guess. I had a cry fest,  maybe part of the moon release, no real definitive reasons I feel a little claustrophobic firstly in my place and also feeling claustrophobic yet disconnected in my body, yet want to hug, my arms aren’t cutting it.  Time to meditate, cleanse, shield and breathe.  I dislike sharing negativity, but I am real so maybe I need to remind myself of that. If you feel this way meditate, rest, light a candle, cleanse, cold water on face. Play Music or frequencies. I am currently listening to a reiki asmr video with water and tropical visuals and writing this which is also uplifting. I’ll be better before I even get to meditate. This video is next 👇🏻 have a listen if you need to

I had one hive on my arm and my face was hot before bed. I know, rationalizing it is not necessary as it is treated the same way regardless might as well not dissect the brain to force it to make sense. Collectively people are gonna be cranky for a few days riding this energy wave. Even when you are aware of the energy surges and mindfully balance yourself and think things have settled and you are in the clear. Surprise!  A collective sucker punch comes in. That’s what I’ll call it. I’m so grateful to know how to fix this and also help others fix it. Don’t beat yourself up for purging, just get it out of your body, and lift your frequency back up.

My hive…I haven’t had any in years

Going to finish my sketch soon, will post it in a new post later today. Take care, I’ll be back in 5D momentarily

Many hours later…

Change of plans on that sketch, I had to go back to sleep, rearranged some stuff unpacked more boxes and broke them down, had a bunny visit. Now I’m getting ready to eat dinner and most likely be up into the wee hours. The nap was intense I feel so much better.