Solar flares & body repairs
She is perky both ears almost up.

Solar flares & body repairs


Good morning. I guess, lol. I am feeling irritable today, woke up feeling heavy and kind of sore and my legs are itchy from swelling. Found out I am supposed to wash my legs with no soap in the coldest water I can stand, then after that I gotta put lotion on every day, most important part or the skin gets hard and bumpy like looking and itchy! Also avoid getting cuts from shaving because it can get an infected. I can’t put cold water on my legs to shave, lol. Gonna rip my whole damn leg off. I almost don’t care I’m so done with this issue 😂. I‘m not supposed to put any heat on the affected limbs, I have too! I’m pretty sure I’m at stage II now, I gotta get a grip on this. My Grandfather had lymphedema is his right arm in the last six months of his life he was miserable, that was after cancer treatment. I haven’t had cancer treatment but I feel it must run in the family and triggered by body trauma not cancer in his case chemotherapy, in my case, reverse altitude sickness but I was already stage 1 in NM. I crossed off stage zero because it is past that I think I had stage zero all my life.

Also having issues in communication today with bank. Not that important, the website is down try back later. I was sorry to see about the earthquake in Taiwan first thing this morning. Hopefully they don’t get any waves, I think the warnings have lifted, but it was a pretty big one. 44 degrees today adds negative points to the day, it’s that yucky temperature to me of being just slightly too cold and it’s windy. Let’s see, what is good about today? Not sure yet, I’ll have to think about it for a while.

In the meantime, I had this yesterday it was good. Talenti Gelato Carmel Truffle something. That is the best ice cream brand. I don’t eat much real cream made with milk but it was the day. I normally eat so delicious the cashew milk ones. I think the last thing I tried that was real ice cream was the Oreo brand ice cream sandwhich, a while back it was pretty good too. I didn’t get a picture of that one.

Ooh…and this makes me happy too. Finally they are in stock, the best!! Just incase anyone cares, these have no actual chicken products in them. These ones are not vegan because they have cheese, but the black and red bag is, like I said even though it says chicken.


This all I got for now. I have to meditate, eat and try to work on these legs before they fall off or explode or whatever.

A bit later…thought I’d show the biggest grapefruit I’ve ever seen before I cut it. The last grapefruit I got here I thought was the biggest, nope this one is! I’m going to eat 1/4 of it

Todays solar sacrifice 😋
A yes, have taken note