5.5 portal and selfcare

5.5 portal and selfcare


I started my morning with 8oz of this. It’s been a longtime since I’ve had it, probably about 8 years!! I feel pretty good this morning and slept okay despite another X flare, was still up at midnight though before trying to sleep. This is some high potassium juice, I think that’s the reason I feel good, particularly effective for leg cramps.

Speaking of leg cramps, I have also started sleeping the past two days with a sheet that I folded in half three times to lay over just my legs under my blanket it feels weighted that way. Seems to help pump my legs gently.

It is Cinco de MayO today. Going to have a taco salad for dinner. Excited about it, if I could do it looking out the old window in Las Cruces it would be great, but I am making the most of where I am. Soon I will be back in the ☀️ somewhere burning my skin off.
Here is a couple pics from outside today.

There is also a stream video, I will be adding on IG momentarily, it has a nice sound. Just had a song pop into my head…posting.


Ah Yes, changes, the constant impermanence of all. I’m seeing it unfold faster and faster, it would amazing if my physical body could keep up with the rest of my bodies. I’m going to eat lunch and see if the Celsius pumps me up. Now to finish some leftover ham.

It’s been half an hour or so, I do feel gently energized, not like rockstar or monster energy or even Red Bull. It feels like a healthy natural amped feeling. It is high caffeine still. I would not recommend drinking more than one a day, or any later than like 3 pm. Unless you plan to stay up all night. Currently listening to some energizing frequencies, I’m passively exercising, lol.

I’m going to write some stuff now, elsewhere, with a pen! I may be back later with more. If not then tomorrow. I hope Sunday is good to you!