55 Days in

55 Days in


It is day 55 of decompressing from low altitude sickness. I am just now starting to feel a bit better, blood pressure feels better so I must have enough blood now. I am still swollen, but not as bad. I also no longer feel extremely cold. Except when I do an inflammation meditation which is basically just listening to that blood cleansing frequency, or Marconi Union. When I do that I just cover up with my electric blanket to be comfortable on the outside of my body. Anyways, I am on the mend probably another month-month and a half to be back to normal, whatever that feels like 😂 it’s been so long!

Putting in my vitamin order today or tomorrow. I cringe at the cost but it is at least 90 days worth for some of them 180 days for some and 45 days for the gut restore. when I start this 4-in-1 gut health blend I’m wondering do I need to continue to take it or will I have established good bacteria enough to sustain it? I can’t afford to continue it forever, but can I afford not to? I guess that is a good question too.

I’ve pretty much got myself into a routine of one cup coffee, one bone broth, one pineapple juice before lunch, in that order. I always have water on the side aswell then I tend to drink a Coke Zero at some point. The bone broth will replace the minerals that coffee leaches from the bones, I’m thinking and heal gut lining or at least not let it get worse. I had also tried Rao‘s brand chicken noodle soup this week, it comes in a jar. Unfortunately it has folic acid in it BUT I ate it anyway and didn’t feel bad. Actually woke up feeling great the next day. It can be the exception to my rules, it was delicious, not much chicken but that is what I prefer, lol. When I cook I only use organic pastas from Italy they don’t strip vitamins and put back in like we do in the US. To them that would be a disgrace, I’m actually surprised at Rao for adding it soup. Hmm.

Well, I am about to get into that vision board, the next sketch, and who knows what else…happy Wednesday.

One of my favorite albums ever, I don’t have it on vinyl, but on CD yes. Listen if you need transported somewhere else. I always feel better after listening to this.