-9 and I’m fine
Do you like my lucky charm? It’s my courage pendant

-9 and I’m fine


Hello! How are we today? Pretty good sleep last night, small stomach ache though, probably the cake, or do I need to balance my solar plexus, lol. Lots of progress today going through boxes. Almost 7 in” of total snow and it’s colder than a witches tit. Well…how cold is a witches tit? Mine are normal temperature 😂. Now I‘m questioning my ‘witchiness’. Meanwhile it’s a mild day in Antarctica, summertime heat! An ambulance and fire truck just drove by pretty fast the road clearing crew hadn’t been out there today, I think people are staying in for the most part it supposedly feels like -27, but I wouldn’t know because I’m smart enough not to go out there.

I’m going to go to sleep in a minute, I just wanted to stay up long enough to charge my phone. What should I listen to overnight? I need an astral adventure…anyways, tomorrow is another day of cuddly cave survival stuff. How is it where you are? Talk to me.