Oh Saturday
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Oh Saturday


Good afternoon, I have finally arrived to my blog. I must admit...not much sleep was had last night, so this will be brief. For some reason I woke up at 1:30am wide awake.  I went to bed tired at 9:30pm, and I also had upper body weakness starting around 7pm. I listened to root/sacral/solarplexus until I woke up, and then changed it to just root, thinking solar may have energized me. But I barely slept despite that. Sleepy is kicking my ass about now but I’ll fight it so I go to sleep tonight. I will probably just relax today and listen to music because I have no energy for anything else, another +100 degree day, but the end of that looks like late next week got some 80's temps, looking forward to it! My body wants to sit in the sun. I have AC on 70 it feels like an icebox.

"It's impossible to build happiness upon the unhappiness of others"