Sunday happenings
The lasagna was awesome!

Sunday happenings


Good afternoon. Here is my oracle card pull for today. Decided to take spirits advice, time to do it differently.

Also here is another animated still from "Gifts from the Underworld." Not animated is 39mb even at one second, and I am limited to 5mb. It's all I got. Look and my teeth! Yes those are my teeth for real. It's hard work spreading the light in the underworld 🤣.

"When a witch makes a fire in the forest, she brings out all the spirits of light" -Rose Miriam

So it's been awhile since I uttered 'secret project'. There is a reason it has been in limbo awhile now and I officially decided to scrap it for the time being. Since I decided to do that, I'll go ahead and say what it is, and I may still do it eventually but not this year. I was trying to make my own oracle deck, but it was challenging and less and less fun in the end. I had hoped to have had it done by now. So that was the secret. It is something I want to do eventually though, maybe just appoach it differently than I did this time. Since it was something I wanted to do not something I had to do, I quit when it stopped being fun.

I'm trying to think of some topics for posts that focus on something rather than just feeling like a diary entry, of anything just popping into my head. Maybe a high school post? A music collection/memory post? Wyoming post? What else? Crystals and chakras? I'll think about it while I do my nails in a few minutes, maybe I'll post one of those topics as a bonus for today. If not then I will be back at it tomorrow. Take care.