Creating a good day

Creating a good day


Hello! I took yesterday as a day of rest and watched a Gaia series Transcendence and Superpower, both so very good, the subscription I feel has already Won me over for $11 a month 😂. Also had a short amount of social media time here and there. I thought I’d be starting on some physical art but decided to wait a day. I did get a fun idea on the topic of my first creation yesterday. I’ll try and do some video clips and photos throughout the process, lighting willing. I’ve not purchased a table light yet, but I do have a plant light behind me so that might suffice in the meantime.

Think I’m doing pretty well now acclimating to the new more humid environment. I’m seeing it in my skin, when I first got here I broke out on my face a little and my limb skin was so dry from desert life that it would flake off when I scratched it, feel like I smelled not so great too, probably from the lymph issues needing to circulate better. I’m no longer broke out, and skin is not flaking, the small amount I do sweat has been accumulating under the boobs, I guess it’s a good sign but it’s getting on my nerves a little. My armpits itch when I clean them but no swollen lymph felt, still I’m sure it’s a little backed up. My heavily callused elbow skin (ya know, the ‘weenus’ 😂) is coming off! It’s just chunky peeling off like a scab but its a callous, and there is new normal skin underneath! I’m so shocked considering how long my elbows had been that way. Pleasantly surprised. When you’re in a detox state you feel worse before you feel better and I’m onto that upper side now it seems. Clear skin is your first sign that what is happening inside of your body is getting better. My nails are looking better too, I’ve not painted them since I got here, I purchased this moisturizer last week, I put in on before bed, it smells to good! Highly recommend $7 . I haven’t found the dermalect cream yet in a box here somewhere, but I’m just pitching it when I do because it is super old and this is better.

Overall rejuvenated, good sleep. I did not shave my legs the other day when I said I would, but I am going to today after lunch, because ugh I’m a wookie about now. Then put on moisturizer and aloe let my legs breathe a few hour and later put my second pair of socks on before bed.

Guess what I had for dinner? My new fav Qdoba! I still have half left for lunch. I make my own bowl consisting of brown rice, black beans, stir fry peppers and onions, diablo cheese, sour cream, avacado, pico, pickled onion, and both fresh and pickled jalapeños! So good! I have my own hot sauces and tortilla chips, but they do throw a packet of Cholula in the bag so I throw it on too. I have been drinking org. pineapple juice for a week and it‘s bromelian seems to have helped move my lymph fluids out more than without it, and aids in any general swelling. Milkthistle and dandelion root help as well, especially all three together. I will probably continue with the pineapple juice for a while, I only take 4oz a day so it is affordable.

So tonight will be a soothing night of starting my art, after I get some fish and chips at a food truck in the area. I’m excited 🤗. I‘ll show pic tomorrow, and say yay or nay then. See how I’m creating a good day? I hope you do the same, have a great day and night.