A good life
Oh what a relief 🤣

A good life


What is a good life? Good is kind of generic, kind of meh. Is it good in the eyes of others, or in mine? Is that the comfort zone good, or pushing out of it good? If I died tomorrow would I have been satisfied with how I lived? Did I forgive myself for all that I did and didn't do, the path I made, and the others I didn't pursue. I did it right, there is no doubt? Wow, that IS great news.

I went from having one crappy pen, to receiving two free pens from two different Mercari sellers, that are pretty decent and both purple 🤣 how weird.

I thought I'd show a toon I worked on I know its not Art Dump Day but o'well. I'll show the end result later.

Wearing rebuild, truth, and wisdom. Pretty together, and used together

"What is for me, finds me, gets me, loves me"