A quick post…
Why we do dis? We can’t see our stuff in the box, this is dumb…

A quick post…


Good morning and it is! Such a beautiful sunny AM today, currently nine happy healthy quail eating in the yard.  Quail are grounded birds which make me think of pentacles, so, nine of pentacles, I love that card.  My right eye is much better today, I’m so glad, pretty good sleep as well. The sun is entering Capricorn this month, which is supposed to be the best month of 2023 for me, and yet, somehow I am sitting with all these boxes, I think I found the silver lining in another dimension, in which it will all eventually make sense. When I look around my immediate surroundings it doesn’t feel like it could be my best month, however I am trying to find the fun in my tasks, and I’m greatly looking forward to lunch.

Signed the lease yesterday, it just feels so weird to say, as I haven’t fully acknowledged it yet, maybe I should watch Twister 😂. I have to find the time to get Chimmie to the vet for vaccines before leaving. I’m wondering how she’ll do on the move, she’s only ever known being here. The first few nights will be interesting I’m sure. 

I want to state that things won’t change that much in my life. I’m just changing my latitude again about 7 degrees, downsizing, healing, upgrading and saving a little money in the process. I’m still holding onto this blog, it is one of the best decisions I made this year, its has become a highlight of my day. One of them. After it all settles maybe I’ll be able to paint…😂 I mean it’s only been six months since I said I was gonna start again. For real though this time it WILL happen!!

Going to eat now. Thanks for...tuning IN.

Another weird 🌻 art using an old photo. Me in an alternate universe.