A Time to Sleep

A Time to Sleep


Enjoy this public poem, I don’t share these publicly often, it’s my holiday gift to you guys 🥰.


A Time to Sleep

Written by, 

Michelle Knight

I stand at the ocean

Waves crash upon the shore 

The sound of forever in motion

An eternal beckoning roar

Tired and weary I lay down to pray

The wetness envelopes me 

And begs me to stay

Back to the water is where I shall be

Full moon above me pulling higher the tide

It swishes it swirls, tries to get inside

Soon I’ll be under cannot fight anymore

the arm of the wave that breaks on the shore

The age of Aquarius my mind races

Fish return to the water dreaming

Of life on Mars and other far off places

Longing to be free from this lifetime of screaming

Soothing whispers surround me

“Don’t  be dismayed

The all now surrounds you, 

and your debts have been paid

Everytime you were challenged, 

you passed the test 

And in all of your searching you did your best

You can go home now, and I’ll do the rest”

Your journey has completed its time to sleep


‘The Bearing of Aegis’