A weight has been lifted
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A weight has been lifted


Good morning, ahh! Today already feels nice, like a weight has been lifted. Woke up happy and rested, heart chakra activity last night is warm and quite active thumping double beat action. 💗

My brain feels like it can focus now on what I need this month. One thing I need is a couple foot masks. If I tell you during October my big toe was Halloween ready all month would you know what I mean 🤣, it’s grotesque looking but pretty healed up again, I need to peel the scab so I can cut my toenail, and then I think it would be great to put on a tea tree mask. The last time I cut the nail I accidentally busted the scab open, and so it needed to reheal, which is hard because every time you stand up blood pressure pushes on your feet, even if you hold the toe up off the ground. Now the scab is dry and peeling up so I should be good. I’ve had so much trouble with this fucking toe I just have to laugh, it’s been problematic since November 2017, awe it’s my toe break anniversary! That is a long time, I figured I’d have to maybe get it cut off to end my grief. 🤣 it’s been so close so many times to full recovery. You’ve never met a more patient person than me! This is a karmic cycle I would like to get out of now. I’m a really good person, I don’t deserve this busted toe.

I am starving and it’s only 9am! I guess it is my new normal, must be from being a sleeping inferno then I wake up freezing to death because the house is cold 🤣, I try not to turn the heat on too much because it’s the desert, so 46 outside right now, and 68 inside, but it will be 80 around noon so I‘ll just suck it up for awhile, and then open the door when it’s warm.

I need to start creating Christmas gifts, and my mom’s birthday is coming up this month. I should put some Halloween stuff away, but I probably won’t, maybe tomorrow. I usually put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend and watch Nightmare before Christmas. I am going to slowly add creepier ornaments to my tree, I would like to make them myself, I keep saying it…but do I do it? No 🤣, how are those painting coming along? And those runes I was talking about making... I do have more Krampus ornaments to paint.

I guess I’m going to go make some plans to these things above, and then try to put some action behind the plans. Have a great Saturday and weekend!

From blank state to all filled in…