About me (Natal chart)
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About me (Natal chart)


Good morning! I thought I'd share my natal chart here. Mostly for me to keep everything together for myself, for easy access. I get tired of looking back through my chart in a sea of pictures on my devices when I need to check something. I have been interested in astrology a very longtime, but I still am learning new things, and I do have a hard time to remember what planets of mine are in what house. I don’t feel like it is necessary to keep it a secret or anything. If anything someone else who is astro savvy can look and see it as well. I did take out my exacts, for identity theft reasons.

My chart says I was born in Jupiter, Saturn, north node and Chiron and lilith (not shown) retrogrades. I still don't know what it means if anything to be born during retrogrades, that is a lot of them at the same time! If you know tell me below. Unsure as to why it doesn't also give you South Node but mine is in Pisces, no Lilith Rx on there but mine is in Virgo at 20*49*.

Empty houses:

House with planets=you must direct energy towards these houses, do the work, put in the efforts, be present here. More focus of your life.

House with no planets=no direct energy is needed, motion is propelled by inertia. Go to ruler of the empty house=to indirectly direct it, typically these houses don't take focus on your life.

I’ll probably update this post with more info as I find it. This all I got for now. Have a great weekend!

updated specifics*