About me ?’s
Mine is 4, Emperor

About me ?’s

Name: Michelle

Name in reverse:  Ellehcim- i-ˈlizh-ē-əm- a place or state of ideal happiness 🤣

Do you have a middle name? Yes, Dawn

State you were born: Ohio

Astro sign: ♑️ ☀️♏️🌙♋️🌅

Siblings: only child

How many states have you lived in: 6 (OH, WV, WY, FL, MI, and NM)

How many states have you been to: Easier to post how many I haven’t been to HI, WA, OR, WI, ND, MA, Mass, RI, Conn, VT, NH 

More than one language? I know some Spanish, Norwegian, and Japanese, but I know numbers in many languages, my brain retains weird stuff

Been to any Natl parks? Yes. Everglades, Yellowstone, Tetons, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Tahoe, Sierras, White Sands, Mt. Whitney, and Fossil Butte Monument (I climbed it!)

Been to another country: No

Age backwards: 34…ugh I wish I was 34! 

Favorite color: red 

Favorite food: anything with cream cheese is my favorite unfortunately 😂

Food you hate that everyone likes: Peanut butter 🤢

Food you like that everyone hates: that’s a hard one…I can’t think of one really cilantro I guess

Favorite drink: lemonade currently

Favorite movie: Legend

Favorite season: fall

Favorite animal: wombat, tapir is pretty cute though  

Favorite climate: hot and dry

Favorite sport: no

Favorite day of the week: Sunday

Coffee or tea: coffee but tea is growing on me, my coffee has mushrooms in it

Favorite hobby: animation

Cat or dog? Dog

Children: none

Morning person or night owl- morning person these days

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert and selectively extroverted 

Quality or quantity- depends what we’re talking about.

People-quality, food-quantity 😆

Favorite song: Trex-Get it on, I don’t know why…it just is! I can’t be in a bad mood if I hear it

Beer or wine: I like both but don’t drink anymore

Ever broke a bone: yes finger and toe, not at the same time 🤣, opposite sides of body

Best advice to give a young person: travel while you can for as long as you can

Name something you left in the 80’s: roller skating 

Name something you left in the 90’s: hairspray

Name something you left in the 00’s: MySpace 

Name something you left in the 10’s:  Florida

Name something you left in the 20’s: my body 🤣😂🤣, I came back 👻