ALL eyes…ON

ALL eyes…ON


My first message from spirit coming through I had to write it all down now.

Waves of collective third eye openings after the solar eclipse.

DM collective will get a spiritual upgrade in third eye merging their right and left sides,  giving them new insight on the inner union of their energies.  They will realize they no longer need to search for balance outside of themselves, creating the balance and harmony they need in their outside worlds as well. They realize they have the ability to control balance of their sixth chakra on their own; which takes the burden off the feminine energy inside as well as those around them.

For some it will be the first activation of opening their eye, for others an enhanced intuition, and others may already have passed this part entirely as the rest of the DM collective catches up. Expect some headaches, eye pain, and head congestion momentarily as you process the upgrade. Congratulations. Masculines will now have more frequent clear communication with their higher selves, spirit guides and ancestors. They will have massive increase of creativity to combine with their already strong logic based minds.

DF collective spiritual upgrade is moving the third eye over the heart you’ve become so intuitive the third eye has moved from your head to your heart, this is permanent. You’ve learned how to integrate your dragon you are now one. You will not be able to be lied to, you see through people with your heart now. People may even try to lie to you but fail, you see inside them and pull the truth out yourself. All the heaviness or pain you may have felt in your neck, upper back and chest lately was part of this upgrade and should be lifting soon.

Together as the awakened human consciousness working together we all have these new skills to make advancements in spirituality, technology, inventions, medicine and making the world a better place to be. A reminder that we have to make peace and accept our 3D physical reality in the now to keep accessing the higher dimensions. Try to be grateful for the lessons as well as the gifts on the day to day. Lots of dream jobs begin to be anchored in to take the place of the jobs of today on a massive scale. 

DF you cannot go backwards if you’ve successfully integrated your higher heart this is where you now operate from. Congratulations, you have worked so hard for this.  So much collective fog is rolling out and the light has come in with clarity and divine energy to do what you got to do this year.

Having visions of people working on massive inventions. I’m seeing large transport aircrafts, but they are really wide? This years advancements will be many and substantially important to this decade.  Collectively people will start making smarter choices in life and become more helpful and compassionate. I’m seeing cooperation in information sharing on growing food and alternative medicine.

All paths are leading in a positive direction toward the future.  The most effected are the Aquarians thrown into massive transformations by Pluto. But the age of Aquarius is here so they have to. No fear. Enjoy where life is leading you, anything positively meant for you will work itself out when you are supposed to receive it. 

It’s going to be world wide weird for a minute chaotic even, but it will be okay. We are all going through it, let’s call it the purge and merge 😂.

This is the message I received today, much love to all ❤️. 

I don’t always know what the message means or how to write it to make sense. If I don’t write it down, I lose the whole message. Huge amount of sleepy has hit. so I gotta go now.