An error was thrown
😆😆😆 what!?

An error was thrown


Good morning. I am feeling surprisingly rested and slightly less swollen in the ankles. Must have been the wings last night. lol. Not even joking. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten wings from Wingstop. Last night was the first time in Manhattan, in other words, the first time this year. I went with Cajun, they looked really good and did not disappoint.

🤤 perfect!

I was mostly just working on this animation I mentioned yesterday, I just posted a cut clips which made it into its own little mini ‘art of the day‘ video on IG. Go check it out if you like. Today is a chore day, laundry and dishwasher is going already. I put off shaving my legs yesterday so I need to do that so lotion can do it’s job. Chimmie desperately needs a nail trim, I keep forgetting and they are long AF. Making taco salad later. Mostly because I’m too lazy today to make tacos in the shells 😂. Put it on lettuce make it salad crunch tortilla chips on it and voilà! Completely the same.

Just took a little intermission to eat some leftover tortellini I made earlier this week. Now I’m listening to some energy boosters to elevate my heart as well as just be totally awake for the day. It is in the 70’s today, yay! If it could just stay that way no colder or warmer that would be great. Watch now it will snow because I said that. Speaking of weather I was playing around with background I made for the ‘Wake Up’ animation and created this below 👇🏻. This is cosmic weather.


Well…I have this box where my video used to be and it says ‘an error was thrown’ 😂😂😂. Whatever that means. I can’t make it go away and when I preview the blog post it shows my video twice…I don’t know I guess it stays. I’m going to go now. That is my warning I suppose that I should get on with the day.

Came back to say the video isn’t doubled after publishing. I guess this is just a mercury retrograde issue.

Many hours later, there was a thunderstorm

I’ll sleep with the heated blanket tonight