Angel healing

Angel healing


A channeled message for the most part…plus my own two cents.

Just a reminder to anyone going through a difficult time in life, if you feel there is nowhere to turn and no one to talk to that understands, and everything feels ‘heavy’. Try calling on angels and archangels they are here to help you, they are apart of your divine inner world, some may challenge you as well but it is for your greatest good. They never tire of helping, their energies heal you from the inside out, when the only way out is through remember this. You don’t have to say a word, you can if you like but this is from within, they hear you just fine, you have your own blueprint frequency remember.

I prefer Angel frequencies for mental pain and physical pain. If you don’t know which one to reach for just go to Metatron, that is like going straight to source. But your struggling with survival type feelings, it’s all about that base, so first listen to root chakra frequency where archangel Michael, Samael, and Sandalphon can help stabilize and lift your vibe, where they usually work together in the order I wrote them. Yes Samael, I said it, do your own research before you demonize, he is a healer but a double edged sword, he may decide to take a pass because your hopelessness may annoy him that day, a temperamental elemental 😆. I wear the ruby around my neck. Michael (Blue Kyanite (his sword of truth) & Obsidian), Samael (Ruby), Sandalphon (Garnet), Metatron (Apophyllite). To aid in healing do an initiation ritual of charging crystals in sun light/moonlight or saltbath, clearing with sage or wind magic like feathers, athame, or string instruments, sound bowls etc. Then anoint your crystals with a carrier oil like jojoba and an essential oil like sandalwood, peppermint, cinnamon for root chakra for example, and give them a name an intention.

Get in a meditative state for as long as it takes to release some heavy energy that is more likely than not, not entirely yours to carry, rather some past live karma from your ancestors that needs clearing through you because they didn’t get to it. Or you need to visit your inner child because they need you. This involves breath work and crying, do not resist it, it should be effortless, let it all out, if you do not cry the session is not finished, take a timeout and try again to connect or call on another. Release your Angel/s from meditation with gratitude and let them know it helped through your heart space. Again no spoken word necessary, you have raised your vibration from hopelessness to that of gratitude, it is a feeling.

Usually you will get reminders through out the day that you are protected, by receiving synchronicities such as angel numbers #333 and/or #444 in your environment. This should give you an at ease feeling.

If you wish to send out healing energy with Angel help to others it will be given to the collective where it is needed. You can’t really send direct energy to a specific person except the one who shares your same soul blueprint, and I’m not using the label anymore, if you know you know. Even then you are really just shifting the energy around that you both already possess which you can do in chakra balancing, you’ll know exactly which one they are struggling with by how you are feeling.

Okay, that is all I got. I was guided to talk about it, not sure why, but I don’t always ask why.