April recap

April recap


Hello, I’m back with another post. Happy witches night. Had some fire noodles with leftover brussel sprouts from yesterday for lunch. Tomorrow starts May.

Currently under tornado watch again, lol. I didn’t even know it until right now here is the map the storm activity is right over Manhattan but its not raining? The red boxes are potential tornadoes. So I think it has passed…

Just north of me now I guess

My vitamin just came in the mail. So glad that it came early in the week so I can get started today. I am finishing off drinking bone broth for awhile. Supposed to take a break, it’s been more than 8 weeks so it’s done what it’s going to do for me. I’ll periodically get a carton though for a treat. I also stopped the pineapple juice, it’s very expensive. I don’t think it did much for swelling, but I tried it at least.

I passed out for half an hour after my Art Dump Post. I must have needed it, all I did was put my head down, I didn’t intend to fall asleep. I actually slept alright last night, I used the headphones.

So yeah, about April. Warmer and wetter 😂. I laugh because there is no way of saying that and it not be taken…there. Creative energy in bursts, slow to heal physical body wounds, trying not to stress about it. Doing what I can With what I have. The food has been good this month. Not a much more to say about it, no lingering financial stress on my subconscious. Thinking about designating a couple whole days for art only, this upcoming month, but not consecutive days because then I get obsessive and neglect other areas of my life. Pre plan meals for those days, set everything up on the table to be prepared beforehand instead of waiting to get stuff out because then I won’t do it. It needs to be reachable, not across the room, or in another room. I really want to make some gel prints. I think they are going to be very cool. Stay tuned.

Going to get a new big smashed burger at Chili’s now. I’ll be back tomorrow to welcome May!