Are you ready Dragons
Sky above, earth below, fire within

Are you ready Dragons








I have lots of things I want to share soon, it’s going to be a magical year I feel it in my bones. If you remember way back in September I started working on Year of the Dragon animation. It is coming…late January, do you wanna be a dragon? I can do that! Send it to my brain or talk to me 😆. Let’s just be magical mf’ers for life. I know I’m a goat in Chinese zodiac not a dragon but I’m looking to embody the dragon this year to integrate traits and lessons.  I get along well with dragons I know. A  Capricorn as a mythical creature is also depicted a dragon, so yay I kinda am. I have a head shot that is very otherworldly and vaguely threatening gives me Malificant vibes. Super cold dragon stare, it’s SO awesome. Can’t wait to show it. I think it should be my new everyday look. Though I’m an inferno on the inside, not cold at all. Like a dragon 😂. Ever see Dragonheart? I love that movie! 

Recap from 9.25.23

“Yesterday I had an art vision and had to act on it. It does feel like I'm jumping the gun, like I got to wait four months to post the animation, I'm not at all finished, I actually just started but I threw up a timelapse sneak peek on IG yesterday. I have some cut clips I'll post tomorrow for art dump. It's fierce 🐉 , strong, and fantastic. The inspo is from my visions of next year, some notes I've taken already to prepare, a fast paced year ahead where it seems time really is showing illusions of past, present, and future timelines at split-second  speed.  So will you bond with the Dragon next year? Add another animal spirit to your totem to help you navigate the ever changing tides of life.”