Art dump Tuesday
'Angel Numbers', from my animation this week 'Calling in Angels'

Art dump Tuesday

The art above is from my one animated video of the week. Can you see all the angel numbers in the background? I recieved my 333 necklace I purchased the other day. So I have 111, 333, and 666 now. The animation I actually explained in yesterday's post so go take a look at it before finishing this one.

As I said yesterday, my art just took a turn for the weirder this week 😂. Hopefully you all still dig it.  Let me just get right into the gallery, then I’ll talk a bit afterwards. Enjoy!

Ok've seen the second row exclusively, and the third row you've seen it here first! I've already talked about 'Calling in Angels' so lets go to 'Stargate' I really didn't know what I was trying for here, and it kinda could be a continuation on Calling in Angels.  I just feel like it is a Stargate transport area, I almost called it Ego Death because that is also how I feel about it. A meditating being, bringing light to a devilish character, a headless being stripped of vanity, the devil head lowered in humility. Like a judgement or intervention. Thoughts you want to share? Subscribe to comment. The next clip I want to explain later in the post I created it for, stay tuned. The bottom row unnamed animation, this is the end still for the video, I was mainly playing with facial expressions. Which in the last pic I was creating photographs of my face in different expressions to work with later on. So hilarious and fun actually. Do I look suprised? 🤣 I was just acting 😉 here is another pic I took while I was working.


That is all I have for you today, I hope you have an amazing Tuesday, and I'll be back soon with more! I have one more chakra to complete the series and will post them all sometime this week as well. Man, I'm  sitting here typing this and my shirt keeps falling off my shoulder, lol. Guess I need smaller tank tops. I hate buying clothes! There ya go, a fun fact.