Art Dump Tuesday
'Mechanical Animal' 

Art Dump Tuesday


Hello!  Tuesday again, I'm back with an art dump. Also, I'm doing two posts today, the second will be about the Galacatic New Year. So stay tuned!

This past week I worked on some art for an animated video yet to go up on IG, so you get to see all the stills first in the gallery below! I did show one peek on IG yesterday,  but the algorithm gets me down, I think maybe four people saw it 🤨.  I may post the video tomorrow for the Galactic new year, or I may wait until August, I've not decided. It is called Lion's Gate. For the Lion's Gate Portal, Sirius gateway has been open for weeks and is moving towards the peak on 8/8, as it does every year, but this year the lunar nodes changed and north node is in Aries so that is double fire energy. I thought I'd create some fantasy art.  Last year I did a manicure for it, and will show it in the next post, probably not doing one this year.

Above in the opening of the post we have 'Mechnical Animal' it is a stand alone piece of more cyborg weirdness art. Sometimes with my malfunctioning body I think about just getting my limbs cut off and replaced with machine parts. I mean...sometimes that doesn’t seem so far fetched, I think we will see a lot more mechanical animals in the physical future. We’re all cyborgs anyway, by the unhealthy attachments of smartphones, Apple Watches, fitbits, microchips and the list goes on. A necessary evil if you will of modern times. What do you think?

Yesterday's posts opening art 'Here I am' also used the same base photo below

So here are my newest creations, I'll talk about them in the next paragraph.

In this animation I started with a photo where I am front facing with a confident smile and wide eyes. I wanted to capture not only the astrological aspect of the Sirius star system itelf, but also the lion aspect of the zodiac sign Leo, the lion the symbol of vitality and strength, rising up tall and confident and playful in a sense with the lion mask and leash made of stars. Using the lion and lioness’s masculine and feminine features  merged together into one. Also, I wanted it to showcase over a city, as Leo is a fire sign, is showy and comfortable out on the town, reminds me a movie-'star' or Hollywood type of persona, maybe about receive an award.  The open mouth of the Lion is like, 'the step on up' to receive  your abundance (888) also shown on her lion mask above the nose.

So, tell me, do you like the dissecting or should I let you just come to your own conclusions? If it means something else to you, it can, sometimes me over explaining the work is draining the magic. I don’t know. Thanks for stopping by to look, as always. Check out the next post later today.

Check out the video on IG most likely tomorrow!