Art Dump Tuesday
'Venus Cazimi'

Art Dump Tuesday


Hello!!! It's been awhile for the art dump posts, I again apologize. Above is for the Venus Cazimi event this is what came to mind, created in procreate. I am very engaged in creating some fall themed art right now, I have finished four different pieces, and I'm being super shy about them being seen...I know it is the new moon in Leo and I'm supposed to be brave but...just because I want too doesn't mean I should. I wish I could just flash through it for you to get a glimpse of it. I will give you one piece today, that I gave IG a glimpse of, and then more as I feel I can bare the rest, maybe I'll give some super imposed sections as to not give it all away. You dreams are getting...a bit deeper and to bring them to the surface like this in broad daylight with people watching is just...too much.

This is just a taste, the other ones are 😳 wow, and extremely colorful.  How about a flashback now to some very old merfolk. This is a sad merman pencil sketch, and the mermaid was the first digital art attempt both at the end of the 90's. The mermaid is printed on plain typing paper and regular old ink. I really can’t believe I managed to still have these. My original idea,  and this is all from my head, that both sad merpeeps were hanging onto the same pillar underwater on opposite sides, unaware of the other. I may update this onto one sheet of paper for a redo and paint with ink? You can see how I hated drawing hands. I love hands in art though probably my favorite body part art, well...may be. 🤣