Art Dump Tuesday
'Mirror Mirror'

Art Dump Tuesday


Good morning!! I hope the week has started out positively for you. As you may have noticed I got a little excited with my new creations and leaked early on IG Sunday and then in yesterday's post. If you’ve not checked out yesterday's post go there first because I did explain details there already.

This week is mostly just some stuff I've created in procreate just to familiarize myself with it. Some of it is still a WIP of an idea, to be worked out further mostly untitled type stuff. The showcased art above was me trying to paint a steamy mirror and the streaks are like if you were to wipe the mirror with your hand to see yourself clearly...I don't know if that really translates or not, but that was my intention. Trying to  create a glass look is hard! I don't know of an overlay or tool that captures it either or I would use it. If anyone knows of one tell me on social media, please.

Here is the gallery

Alright, I made 'Purify' for the 99 portal I showcased it on a previous blog entry and on Threads. The photo is a b&w not seen before version of an old pic and I used it to make the art beside it also seen here first. Then we have an alternate version of winter which had a night sky background, but the original idea winter which I had animated was all white with an angelic aesthetic. The last in the next row is still untitled I posted this one on FB yesterday. Devil Inside original was animated, and the alternate beside it. the last untitled is a WIP still, using the same photo original used to make to make row one and two.

I'll end this with an OLD pencil to digital art I made in 2012? I think. lol. Pretty sure the only means I had to create digital art was Photoshop Pro and I had to scan my art through a scanner to upload it 🤣, good times! I need her chair.


Have an amazing day, I hope I've inspired atleast one person to create something today. Make something with whatever you got! Doesn't have to be from expensive tools or mediums.