Art Dump Tuesday 🐉
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Art Dump Tuesday 🐉


Good morning! Wow have I been creative the past few days! I think you'll love this new art from my animation 'Year of the Dragon' coming to IG in umm...not sure a few months. I'm well into it, I have a lot more stills, and I have already cut some things, so I'm showing some things here today Exclusively! If you've not checked out yesterdays post go ahead and do it now because I've explained a bit there. The still above is going into the animation, as is the first pic in middle row, it is already animated. The rest is either cut, or an alternate version exists that I'm using. I'm also showing the beginning stage of one of the main features (the last pic first row, and first pic second row). Some of this took a lot of time, but it gets easier as you go because you can reuse it as you create the facial changes. Let's go!

Time to wakeup the Dragons...

So just a hint of what is coming, and this one is still a ways away. I have other animations waiting their turn to be shown as it gets closer to Halloween. Oh's the Arcturians 'Plural' I almost forgot. This is a still from an animation and I love the mirrored effect it created it's so out there! Enjoy, and tune in next week for more art.

The Arcturians 🔮