Art Dump Tuesday
🤣 this was a few years ago with a wig on, still blonde then

Art Dump Tuesday


Good Morning, I think I have a little bit of art I can scrape up. Rough morning feeling really weak today, kinda of frustrated with it. I have regained my composure and have decided to eat breakfast today.
That should help I hope. Okay let's find some stuff, honestly haven't created anything new this week I’ve not shown already.

Hmm, I guess this is it that is recent. I'll put up a few old things as well. Thought I'd show a close up of the dragon fire I decided to try, looks good animated.

These horses were part of a vision I had for the apocalypse horses (still need one) anyways I did create a quick colored pencil sketch of two of these three in a Dia de los muertos style, if I find it I'll post underneath...eventually I'm going to paint them but the theme may have changed, I'm still unsure what I want to create here. I still thought it would be cool to show. This was 2012 so its alongtime comming!

'Dia de los Muertos' 2012 (found it!)

Ok I'm going to close my eyes and meditate for a few, before I get up to do anything. I had a snack cheese, and one slice of 21 grain toast with strawberry jelly, sipping a turmeric and ginger green tea, should be better in the blood sugar dept now. Take Care!