Art dump Tuesday
'Little Miss Scare All' inspo by the song 'Black no.1' by TypeONegative

Art dump Tuesday

I’m probably going to take a break from animation so I can focus on other parts of my life 🤣. But it’s SO fun, especially on IG where I can add music, but it is time consuming.  I’m kinda of obsessed! I’m not saying it’s a waste of time, I’m learning so much, and my digital art skills are skyrocketing…imo. The desire might play itself out because it’s a new month and I’m no longer in the Devil card energy. Well…I’m always a little bit in it because I’m a Capricorn. But now I’m in magician energy and will still be feeling urgently creative for awhile or forever, lol.  With that said, I will be making digital art for Art Dump Tuesdays, you will see some here first! Some of it will be exclusively here, some will be subscriber only, very soon! Each week I may do a past art insert, at the end of the entry. I may even share art stories from school days, like how many times I've been to Frank Lloyd Wright's house 'Falling Waters' trips, etc. It is all up in the air right now. I’m so excited to do this weekly, although I hope it isn’t too often for my onlookers. I want to keep it a little exciting for other people. I have a hard time deciding how much is too much of myself, is it annoying, is it just right…I don’t know, INTJ’s don’t know this social stuff so well.  If I turn it around in thinking, I want to see my favorite people often and I’m never annoyed by how much art they post.  I really just want seen by the ones who make the effort to click on my links to keep up. Those are my people, and I feel the need to pull back as not to exclude but seclude myself from the world-wideness so it doesn’t bombard me with too much interaction and suck the energy out of me, I need that oomph for my art!  When I share too much I feel the need to constantly cleanse my aura, I’m an introvert we need our recharge time, and that brings out the OCD in me.

I suppose I should start todays art show...

I’ll add that due to the nature of some parts being risqué from the ‘Pale Horse’ video, I felt uneasy showing it all on IG, so I PG’d the video with the yellow overlay and increased video speed to show only a flash. I just don’t want my IG page to be flagged inappropriate or whatever and be shutdown, that would suck! The cuts I made are exclusive to my website never seen before, I did some fun collage styles in an app called layout. Then the end result is the single art piece with the moon in it. This video was an incredible amount of work for me, due to all the merging stills to create the illusion of movements. The finished digital art with moon was a huge undertaking, as I premade four different versions of the art before video, and then I merged all the parts I liked the most from each, the smoke, fire and moon are all premade additions from motionleap ontop of the finished digital paint, then the finished product is the last photo. I am so happy with it. I really used to be terrible with color and painting years ago, always more of a pen and ink sketcher in black only, where every time I added color I had wished I didn’t. But lately I’ve really embraced my attempts at it. It is out of my comfort zone for sure which is obviously what I needed.   So without further ado, this is my virtual gallery this week. Heavy on the Pale Horse clips, but there are a few others. Enjoy!

Just a quick few things. The 'Pale Horse' are Persephone and Hades. 'Demeter' is her mother (no video), so all themed surrounding the constellation Virgo which is my North Node life path. 'Oona' is inspired by the faerie in the movie Legend in my own way, 'Pulsar' video stills, and one from video 'Fallen'. Top and middle row are exclusive to this website. Until next week...