Art Dump Tuesday
‘Scrying on a new moon’

Art Dump Tuesday


Good morning, yes, I do have an art dump for you all. I can’t guarantee that I will on all Tuesdays until the new year, but I will do my best. Thank you for being here and keeping up with me. I have been pretty creative lately despite the upheaving events to come. I am super calm about it, thats is how I know it’s right…intuition. I’m moving mountains and headed eastward.

Let’s get into it shall we…

The next gallery is revamped old photographs, I had so much fun with these! I have quite a few of I’m working through so I’ll definitely have more next week. I’ve done lots of procreate work on these with AI inspo, I admit I hate creating backgrounds.

So I think that is good enough I’m sure these pictures are recognizable from the originals.