Art Dump Tuesday
Don’t worry this is virtual fur, no animals harmed, I would never wear real fur!

Art Dump Tuesday


Welcome to my art dump, only a few things today all revamped photos from yesteryears, lol. I’m loving that icy blonde feature photo, but it is really weird to see because it feels like a long time since I had blonde hair. Just a year and a half or so I’ve had black hair. The red hair ones are fun too. I’ve never had a fashion tone of red hair but interesting, I have had the natural coppery red in the middle pic. I’m gonna stay on the darker side with shades of black from now on in this dimension 😆. Let me get on with it.

The tattoo sleeves are fun. I look like a boss in that silver suit 😂, pastel magic, a librarian, cyber goth, a desert witch with cactus on her head 🥴. well, that’s it. It is a twofer day so I’ll be back in a bit with another post. Have a good day!