Art dump Tuesday
The dark of her spirit wavered like water thrilled with light -DH LAWRence Snapdragon

Art dump Tuesday


Welcome to the first art dump of the year. I do have some stuff I played around with this past week. Mostly holiday and nye stuff, trying to find something interesting for the new year. I absolutely loved all the masked ones, they turned out really cool. It is all the same mask but I painted it differently in procreate. I think I like the gold red black more than the gold green blue, the red hair was a nice touch, I of course didn’t change my hair it’s just painted. Some photos are from when my hair was blonde. I think I may buy more masks through the year to make more of these. Thoughts?

Some are repeats from the other day. Enjoy! Now Chim has a vet appointment to get to. I’ll post again later today. Chakras balanced 😉.