Art Dump Tuesday
Another cut still from 'Pale Horse'

Art Dump Tuesday

I had intended to post yesterday but I got sidetracked, many apologies.  Today I thought I would show some old artwork in the second gallery. The first gallery is stuff I’ve created this past week, it's not that much but it is what I've finished, although eventually I may take the top row further into animation if I get an idea. But this is what I got (so far) seen here first! I may post some eventually on IG, as hype to bring them here.  Enjoy!

I guess I was in a fall vibe when creating these, all of it reminds me of my favorite season. I would be pretty happy to live in perpetual fall. Any thoughts? I don’t think that place exists yet...or does it? 🤣

Alright, let's go ahead with the older gallery. I have posted most of these on socials in some form before.

Thanks for checking out my digital art. Funny story the video I made of Shatter (non animated version) I posted with very little thought onto IG. I didn't give it a title, or catchy hook in the caption...but it went viral! I have 11.3k views of it and I have no idea why, like why that one and no views on the next? Bizarre! Catch ya next week