Art dump Tuesday
A piece from my past beginnings in digital coloring 2016 or 2017, this is not my lineart, I only colored it. Artist unknown, created on a coloring book app.

Art dump Tuesday


Good morning! Luckily I am ahead of the game this week with creations from the massive energy surges in cosmic weather, massive waves, slightly seasick at moments but all good. Alchemizing all into creations I am happy to make. Not much sleep last night because I heard running water somewhere, I thought it was a broken pipe or leak but I guess not because it stopped eventually. That was one distraction, and my brain has been in overdrive a bit, which is to be expected. So I’m a little sleepy still, will probably nap again today around 1pm. This will be a two post day, so check back if you want more, will probably be late. Okay let’s get into the art, as some of you know I’m sketching now in my Copic book. So here is my second creation, I’m thinking I’ll make one of these a week. One day I’ll show snippets of my journal, not whole pages but a little bits…crumbs, lol.

I’m holding back some of the finished things for next week. Hope this is interesting and someone enjoys the physical sketch, I posted a lapse video on IG. It was really difficult drawing because I was looking through the camera holding it in my left while drawing with my right. At the halfway point I realized I wasn’t filming so I couldn’t go back and show the start. So…hopefully I’ll set up better soon. I am thinking about adding more audio clips of poems, maybe just thoughts, maybe just reading an entry out loud. More karaoke 🤣🤣🤣, did anyone even know? How about did U know I have recited a bunch of poems in one blog post? It is the post with snake coil bowl art on the front.

Check it out if you like, as I said in the post have fun with it, push a bunch of buttons to layer them. What would you like to hear from me? I’m trying to let you get comfortable and acquainted with my voice until I’m comfortable showing my face on camera and talking, I’m behind the times in that and it’s very uncomfortable for me. I get that deer in headlights feeling. I’m trying. Anyways, until later