Art Dump Tuesday
Art dump Tuesday but first...I had to clean this space up, looks so much better!

Art Dump Tuesday

Good morning, I have a few new art works today. How are we today? I felt like I needed to clean the clutter all around where I sit. It took me forever like my brain was freezing up, like I was forgetting what I was doing,  so weird. I probably need to do some deep meditation after this before anything else.   I slept through the night but woke up kind of tired still and kind of weak. I think spiritual downloads are exhausting me, I probably should take a break from cards and sit in the sun. Okay lets get into it.

A few of these I posted on IG, and others are going to stay exclusively here.  While I enjoyed creating these, I'll be creating less for a few weeks.  I need to finish my secret project, and it is probably subconsciously weighing on me,  draining my energy.  Then I can get it out for sale this year. Which will feel nice. I was asked this week about NFTs and I just haven't had time to look into it yet.  Anyone have opinions on that? Enjoy the gallery.

Below is me in 2003 the 1st time I had black hair, and beside me 😂 my was I tired in that pic, I remember.  I'm almost that tired today! Take care until next week.