Art Dump Tuesday
Still from 'Reality Shift' animation 

Art Dump Tuesday

Good Morning! I almost forgot it was Art Dump day! I'm super excited now 😆. I had a very spontaneous animation idea this past week. I posted it on IG, and found the perfect song to go with it.  I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I was done with it. Those are magic moments for me.  I really feel my authenticity shine when I flow with it. I know my art is probably not for everyone but it doesn't stop me from putting it out there. To be misunderstood, to be judged, dissected, to be put in a box...that's where I release control, its fine if they don't get it. It is where I am free, this is where I transmute my precious energy along with energy that doesn’t belong to me into something I value.  While I would be thrilled if even one other person got something out of it, I'm okay if no one does. Over time you learn not to base your creations on outside approval, or walk on eggshells around people because you don't want to offend anyone's super neat and tidy version of you in thier head.  Hell, I watched my animation myself over and over feeling so much satisfaction.  It is nice to send loving words of encouragement to your fellow artists once in awhile it helps them tremendously to continue on, a few more drops of ink, a few more brush strokes, a few words to paper.  We spend a ridiculous amount of time creating things, it is nice to hear and be heard, to see and be seen.  To counteract that condescending voice in our heads telling us to make better use of our time.

I made two animations actually, the one I mentioned above, and another one I actually created for my poem 'Quicksand'. I posted a still the other day from my 'Going Deep' post called the 'Sands of Timelines'. The poem will be a subscriber only post in the very near future, so hit that subscribe button to comment and to see my exclusive content. I'll post another snap of that video below. Thanks for being here checking out my art, it means SO MUCH! onto today's Art Gallery.

The bottom row is exclusive to be seen here. To check out the video for 'Reality Shift' find my IG link on my home page.

My blast from the past entry is of my old old old artwork from elementary school my mom sent to me last year with a bunch of photos. We had a good laugh, I have no idea where I got 'Moria Collinard' but that sounds very specific, be gentle I was maybe 10. 🤣 Enjoy! and C-ya next week.