Art dump Tuesday
Throat Chakra, 'HAM' chant

Art dump Tuesday

I have had quite a lot of throat clearing needing done this week. Some physical ailments that are almost instantly better after listening to frequencies for healing it. I've also been listening to it while I write as well to aid with expression of my truth. I thought why not make an art work representing the chakra too  for fun, so that is what it showcased today at the top of the post. I love how it turned out. Maybe I'll do a series of them, that would be fun! Any thoughts?

This week I don't have as many things to share because most of my art went into an erotic art toon collage and poem for a subscriber only post. So...all I got really are some clips from my animated video, 'Theta States'.  Let me provide an explaination. Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are waves you want to experience for deep relaxation and restoration. It aids your internal focus, which comes in strong during meditation, helping you connect with your creativity, intuition, memories, emotions, and sensations. It feels like dreaming and being asleep even when your not, because of this your body and brain go into healing state. I wanted to show what it feels like to be in Theta Realms, so it is kind of an out of body feeling or lucid dream that you are not necessarily asleep for. So...I kinda tried to show me looking back at myself along with higherself reflections inner feminine and masculine facing each other, and spirit guides. I really loved creating it, a very soothing dreamscape feel.

So lets see it, reminder that my video is on my IG page. Fun fact, I love elephants, hence one reason for surrealistic pink elephants floating in space. I had been a longtime donator to protect them, (in tandem with saving wolves). I now take turns supporting different animals that need protection. This year and last I have been helping bats, which will probably inspire me for another art project for next week. I also added Ganesh as a spirit guide.

Here are some older artworks from 2021. My 'Elements' series with my lensball and pentagram ring and of course digital art enhancements. these are stills from the videos I made.  I made these on a whim it just flowed through me starting with water and then I created all the others the next day. It was fun, I took that as guided spiritual work because it was one of those things I didn’t really know what I was doing while doing it, but then i was finished and I was like, 'Wow!' 🤣

Until next time...