Art Dump Tuesday
Phoenix Rising

Art Dump Tuesday


Good morning! How are we today? Okay, so let's see what I got for the art dump today...I opened this morning with Phoenix Rising something I actually just fished this AM. It doesn't go with anything else, but you see it first here! I love my blue black hair I can't imagine I'll be changing it anytime soon. Although the blue is a just a reflect it’s mostly just black, there is a hint which is intensified with blue eye shadow and green eye color. It's interesting, I feel like a deep sea creature.

Speaking of sea creature I'll start the gallery with two new mermaid arts. These are animated as well but haven't put them together for a video. Not sure if I will, I feel like I need more of a theme. Perhaps I'll do that sometime, but as of now they are only seen here and untitled. Also,  I have a few stills from Nightlight animated video, see it on IG.

Basically with Nightlight I wanted to use human shadows and deer spirit animals, it ended up coming to me as King and Queen of wands energy, the central flame (eternal) in the woods also could symbolize (inner flame Kundalini life force),  the quickness of deer, the beauty, the boldness, her crown of sticks. Also kind of twin flame themed, (so you could also look at it like magician and high priestess as inner union), and the symbology of the deer keeps popping in an out of the video, a reassuring sign of not being alone, go within and see me in everything. The song "Nightlight" I used with it is a song I do love but I picked the name before deciding the song. Perfect fit though. This is all I managed to get done last week.

I hope this was satisfactory, I know it isn't much. Oh, I forgot...I'll throw in my updated previously untitled clip of 'Houdini' originally I started with more of my face the last art dump, but I kind of liked chopping it to just the nose and lips with water falling down. I animated it so it looks like being underwater. Thoughts on the changes made? Want to suggest me a theme to consider? Join my subscriber list to comment! I may write another post later, haven’t decided yet. If not see you tomorrow. Thanks for checking it out!

Previously untitled, updated to 'Houdini'