Art Supplies etc.
Another photo I took at Red Hills Park, love this one!

Art Supplies etc.


Good morning! I'll start by showing the pic of the food I mentioned yesterday. The Baklava was so good, the potatoes were as well, the gyro was just okay because it was a bunch of sauted veggies primarily mushrooms the texture was super squishy. Super hard to eat without geting it all over me 🤣. I also tasted some potato salad, not sweet at all and heavy on the dill, it was okay.  So, I wouldn’t get that gyro again but I would try a pizza, a salad, and maybe the chicken pita it looks alittle less messy. Happy to have tried something different. I'm still wanting to try Santorini Mediterranean Restaurant soon, they have lots of stuff I want to try.

Tiffany's pizza and deli

Here are my two new FJ Moon Rituals rings 'Luck' and 'Truth'. These two are a rare find. Super happy to have them.

Luck and truth, wow at the same time! 😂

The art far I've chosen these items. Was still unsure about watercolors, so I'll skip it for now.  I can start building my Copic collection 😊. I have waited to do this for so long! I'm also getting bulk affordable inks from Windsor Newton (for covering large areas), I wanted to try a spray bottle shimmer alcohol ink from Ranger Inks (Love Ranger)! I'm used to using Higgins Black Magic for line I'm getting it with a refillable brushtip pen, however, I'm also curious about Sumi Ink 60, so I'm grabbing that too. I want to compare them along with some super cool brush pens from Japan for those beautiful brushstroke finishes.

I'm going to pick up more bristol board and two sizes of Copic paper. Also some frog tape if I want to create clean edges. I have some micron fineliners that are running out of ink so I thought I'd try the Copic fineliners for detail work. Also try the sumi black and white brushtip fine liners. A ring light. One thing I forgot to put in the pic is a set of paper cutting tools, like xacto knife but for more procision. I'm grabbing those for scrapbooking, which I'd like to also start doing.

I'll also inject a link here for my new playlist I created on Spotify. I like to listen to this list while writing or creating

I already have a few acrylic shimmer inks, a super matte black acrylic paint, brushes, sponges, pippets for squirting ink, a dozen Rangers distressed inks in dropper bottles and one black ink pad, rub and buff gold, glue sticks, hot glue sticks and gun also, metal scraps, stencils, two sided tape, rubber stamps, Prismacolour pencils, drawing and charcoal pencils. I also have some disposable Prismacolour pro markers (They pale in comparison to the depth and dimension of Copic), and Copics are refillable so you never need to replace them.

I guess this concludes my post, lol. I'll show this screenshot I took yesterday...444 again 🤣. I do feel protected.