Art supplies

Art supplies


This month?! Yes!

I am able to get my supplies this month and all my vitamins/tea/ and mushroom coffee, water filters, a new pair of shorts or two, and the ring light and my books. How about that! I like it. I also got really lucky and found FJ moon rituals ring ‘luck’ and 'truth'!! Snatched them up.

I am so grateful for all of this. I knew I would be getting it but didn’t know how or when just yet. I just went on acting like it was already mine. I’ve waited so long for some of this stuff. Soul soothing activities in my near future, do you want to watch? I might be able to do video clips since I'll have a ring light that can hold my phone for me.

Thats all I really have to say, I got excited. Hope you are all having a great weekend.  When I get my stuff I'll do an unboxing video.