Art supply update
And old photo of a honeysuckle tree 

Art supply update


I had to make a lot of temporary cuts to my art supply list, which is why it’s not here yet. I went with just a few essentials to get started because the Copic sets I planned to get were null. I didn’t read the fine print which said Japan only, in the pricing, in Japan each Copic is $2, in the US they are $6! Oops. I’m glad I didn’t hit the purchase button.

After noticing that fine print I went to Dick Blick to check prices and they are exactly the same as Amazon plus they want to charge shipping. The actual cheapest place to buy is Amazon since things ship for free if over $25.  These markers are ridiculously expensive,  but a worthy investment, so I’m going with a 35 set of Copic ciao, which I did find being sold in US for $122, which is pretty good @ 3.40 each.  Out of the three styles they have, the ciao is cheapest, I think because it’s not compatible with the Copic airbrush, but I don’t care about that. With that said, I’m also going to get the 6 pack portrait set for ($21) and one small Copic art notebook which is almost $160 total. I’ll make do with my sigma micron fine-liners I already have for now and the other ink will need to wait. Oh yeah and the ring light 🫣.

This is for my leisure time, for fun, I had to be an adult first and get the things I needed to survive. So the set back is temporary, I’ll get more.  I did get through my six month low buy, so it feels like a reward.  Usually around this time of year I’ll buy Halloween things but I’m not even going to look this year, I have enough. Last year I only bought one thing so I think I’ll be successful in steering clear this time as well.

I normally order bath and bodyworks handsoaps and a couple candles twice a year. This year I went ahead an did it last week. All the soaps are desert theme and I love them all! The candles are palo santo (my favorite!) and palo santo and sage which I never smelled before but...its my new favorite 🤣. I feel like the candles themselves are smaller this year than they used to be, hmm. Usually they don't have palo santo in the summer or fall, maybe I got lucky.

I just thought I'd update about the art supplies since I said I'd be creating this week. Soon, very soon.