ASC update

ASC update


Welcome to my twofer Tuesday post.

So…those of you that have came here yesterday know I was talking about feeling sick, I am feeling better, as I know what to do these days, it takes a few hours to dawn on me that it is ascension. All of these large shifts put me in bit of an off feeling especially when other factors are in place like cold air, dry climate, fem cycle, where the moon is, what are the planets doing, etc. the next portal 12/12 is soon I feel it’s open now pushing us through faster than what feels possible, I’ll just lean into that. I make a lot of jokes when I don’t feel great, laughing raises the vibes. It isn’t the same as normal 3D sickness because it can suddenly come and go, in my own experience. So, I’m still resting, and I am a little forgetful today because I cannot remember for the life of me if I took my vitamins today 😬 so I guess either I did or didn‘t because I didn’t take more. The Krampus post is definitely a different energy than I am experiencing right now it was fun and cute though I still posted it.

Well, I am going to sign off here for the day, and do a little towards packing, and try to resist buying cookies. Thank you for reading, caring, communicating, and well wishes.

Ps…there are massive Solar storms happening too. You will be hungry, or angry, or both. Tend to the heart chakra to ward off depression and heart issues. It is scientifically backed that heart related deaths are more frequent during these flares.