Auras and OBE

Auras and OBE


It is Wednesday twofer! surprise!

My affirmation for today

I embrace creative solitude

I made some art today and now I feel like writing, it is part of my moon ritual anyways. Last night sleep was interrupted a lot, but I didn’t mind swaying in out of theta fun, but I must not have come back to my body until later….much later.

I shaved my legs today, my least favorite of all things but it was getting a little scary. My blood pressure was spiked after that it felt like my feet were going to explode after I put socks on. So I quickly put on a frequency that calmed my body and did some breathing, it worked in like ten minutes. I sat here and closed my eyes and I felt myself come back into my body like a shove from front, right at the solar plexus. Where did I wonder off to without warning my body or was that since last night? I was not astral projecting on purpose but was obviously not grounded, lol. I haven’t had that feeling while being 100% awake. Or was that someone else, questions I have to ask myself? Lol, ok where were you between the hours of….3 and 5am?

I just checked to see what my aura color is and apparently I’m going through all of them because the first I saw was green, then pinky purple, then blue, and back to green. Sometimes I can just see it but other times I do the check. How you do it? Well, rub your thumb and index finger together to build the energy and slowly pull them apart (like pulling apart gum) while looking through the hole created it will look like a sheer band of color being stretched you can continue pinching wider and wider to see it. Green is good that’s where I want to vibrate at. This is my lesson for you pre new moon , now you know how to do something you didn’t yesterday. Now go tell everyone you know to rub their thumb and finger together and pull apart but don’t tell them why just walk away and write the color down on paper and keep looking at them 🤣. It will be hilarious. Good night.