Bloody hell 🩸

Bloody hell 🩸


Decided to take yesterday as rest. More TMI so if squeamish check out now.  

I tried free bleeding yesterday…hmm. Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like, the absence of using menstrual aids to catch blood, I sat on a towel with nothing between, it was...not for me 😆, I wanted to give it chance for the movement to destygmatize menstrual blood, It's also about cleansing your womb, letting it breathe.  I surprised myself on how long I managed before throwing in the towel literally and saying, “nope I can’t do this!” So (gave it until 5pm) it was my third day which is usually fairly light, but its was super heavy,  and it was four days early for some reason, starting midday which I hardly ever do.

It really opened my eyes to the disadvantages of low income and homeless and other countries lack of menstrual aids for people even today.  Tuesday I was extremely weak reminiscent of April when I had Covid and my period and felt like it was the end of this life for me. I was surprised how rundown I felt and I was bummed a little, as I’m trying really hard with my health and thought I’d feel stronger this month, after the start of the Methyl life vitamins.  I guess I’m probably detoxing from heavy metals more now, and blood loss is always hard when anemia is part of the equation.

Today is better though I made it through the bloody thing! Sometimes I wish I knew how many more I have to go through. I’d be happy to be done with it! So I am here, now needing to make up for the blood loss. Did you know it takes four whole days to regain the loss of menstrual blood? Longer for me and my fellow anemic peeps. I always want to eat green beans after it's over 🤣, and I lose my appetite completely during my period and force myself to eat.  I also have to skip tomatoes during bleeding for whatever reason they make cramps 100x worse. So yeah, that was my little TMI talk, lol.  I'll try to come up with something else to talk about since I'm feeling better. Last night I posted 'Gifts from the underworld' animation on IG. So check it out if you like. Bye for now! Have a great day, I know I will, slowly gaining my strength back.