Bond with the dragon

Bond with the dragon


Good morning it was a chilly 58 degrees when I woke up, which was a little bit too cold for me without grabbing a hoodie. I kept the door open anyways, to hear the coyotes yodel, which is an every morning occurrence, especially this time of year. That really sets the season in!

Day one of the new vitamins, unfortunately no mushroom coffee yet, I'm drinking a hot tru strawberry lemonade instead, it's supposed to be here sometime today. I finished the last of my matcha latte yesterday as well. Looking forward to lunch, I have a veggie crust pizza, I find myself a little bit hungrier since I've not been eating breakfast.

Yesterday I had an art vision and had to act on it. It does feel like I'm jumping the gun, like I got to wait four months to post the animation, I'm not at all finished, I actually just started but I threw up a timelapse sneak peek on IG yesterday. I have some cut clips I'll post tomorrow for art dump. It's fierce 🐉 , strong, and fantastic. The inspo is from my visions of next year, some notes I've taken already to prepare, a fast paced year ahead where it seems time really is showing illusions of past, present, and future timelines at split-second speed. Heres some quotes I love that go with it. So will you bond with the Dragon next year? Add another animal spirit to your totem to help you navigate the ever changing tides of life.

Stay tuned to see some exclusive clippings tomorrow from, 'Year of the Dragon'. Animation out TBD...have a magical Monday.