Calling in Angels
Still from today's animation 

Calling in Angels

Hello! Monday funday. I created an animation earlier, the title of this blog is the name of the video. The song I used wasn’t the starting inspo, as I added it at the end, but it fit SO well that in hindsight it sure looks like it is.  The song is "Calling in the Wind", by Lyrre. It is beautiful, I recommend checking it out wherever you get your music fix.  You can watch my video on instagram today, go look.

The real inspo started with the hummingbird that keeps visiting, and me meditating in the room with the Mountain View. It starts in the forest and river where I sometimes go in my mind, (since I live in the desert).  Here I am summoning an angel which appears in the light and in the water. Not your typical angel, I think they are more otherworldly in appearance, vaguely threatening looking 😂. I love that part the most! As I climb out of myself an into higher consciousness I then appear in their world with my book and hummingbird. This is where even I am not sure why I'm there, I can add to the story as I go.  I'll post the art tomorrow since it is that time again. It has been some stranger art this week for sure, you'll see soon enough.

It is an arid 105 degrees today 🥵, this week has been triple digits everyday. Nevertheless, I'm thinking about my next plant baby. I'm thinking maybe black knights, they are a native succluent of Mexico and I live relatively close to the border, so this climate should be a good match for them. Now to find them locally.  Nice large black petals and grow to be about 5-6 in in diameter and like direct sun.  The more direct the sun, the darker they get, and they don't like water, which is perfect because there isn't any 😂. I originally was going to plant Aeonias, they are succulents as well, but prefer cooler, shady, damp environments.  So that is not what we got here.  I guess they usually stay dormant in the summer if too hot. Native to Scandinavian countries I think. So pretty,  too bad, I would love to have them. Maybe they would be an okay house plant? I have no plants inside at the moment, it is pretty dry in here too though.

Well, it's almost another anniversary of moving to New Mexico. July 2nd will be 4 Years!! I can’t believe it. Wow, it feels like yesterday, such a long trip from Michigan. I lived on Lake Lansing, in what felt like the safest place on Earth to live,  but really harsh winter. The loop road around the lake was very nice. There were also a few nice restaurants only a mile from my house. Everyone had dogs and I saw people constantly walking the road, from the window, or windows the house had lots of windows.  My dogs were too old to really enjoy a lake walk, we had a run in the back yard I could just open the door and they could go in and out. I had a nice direct lake view from across the street, until the people who owned the dock property put up a huge trampoline for the kids, even in the snow it was out there. It was atrocious, lol.  Lots of first times in Michigan for food, Jets pizza, Carvers, Pen station, lots of custard, lobster mac, soft preztels, huge doghnuts, great lakes seafood. Observed a springtime thing that the cottonwood trees drop all this pillowy pollen called the 'Snows of June' it was everywhere! Occasional blizzard condition days without electricty which meant kerosine heater 🤢🤮.  I once woke up to a frozen vole in the kitchen sink! Also had a living one, might have been the same one actually, that stole a saltine cracker from the counter and I watched him back himself in between a shelf unit and the oven and walk up the wall with the cracker in his mouth. Good times. Lol!

I guess since I talked about it I should throw some pics in, of Michigan.