Calm your nervous system
The thickness of my foot is comical, can’t really tell here, and the ankle is unbendable

Calm your nervous system


Time to chill and calm that nervous system. Talk to your body. Get this blood back to normal, rebuild nerves, repair lymph vessels. It really helps to listen to sounds that make you feel cold inside, it is reducing inflammation. This song ‘Abandoned’ by Marconi Union really does the trick for me, I loop it. ‘Weightless’ works too as I’ve said many times it’s a miracle dog calmer, try it on your dogs when they‘re acting up and watch them immediately lay down and pass out before the song is over.


I also recommend this to sleep to 👇🏻


Last night I dreamt I opened the door in the kitchen of the house I grew up in and there was an Orca smiling on the other side of it opening its mouth. I was scared for about 10 seconds and had slammed the door in the process. Then realized it was a dream and reopened it but the other side was just water that stayed contained and did not pour into the house…lol. I was an adult not a kid, but my mom was making dinner 😆. The house I grew up in doesn’t exist anymore it was condemned a few years ago in a landslide situation involving three houses on a hill. I’m still trying to decipher the dream.

So when I had woke up I needed to take a drink of water and noticed my pillow smells strongly of cinnamon, there was no question. Like cinnamon gum or altoids or something like that 👀. I haven’t had any of that nor do I have any in a jar, I’ve not replaced spices yet.  No cinnamon food lately or anything. What is that about... Who is this Cinnamon spirit, thanks for that protection 😍 and waking me up for a drink, to escape the smiling orca. I think he was harmless.

Anyways, so that was my lively night. How is everyone feeling about Pluto exiting Capricorn? Holy fuck it been a long 15yrs, and I’m a Capricorn with karma on my side always, I am patient and I’m ready for my best 20 years now.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius to stay this year…cardinal signs are done! Aries-Relief, Libra-self-expression, Cancer- introspection and Capricorn- decompression coming to the front!