Candlelit Haze

Candlelit Haze


Good morning, I made a new dark delightful playlist on Spotify, “Candlelit Haze” if interested have a listen. Link 👇🏻, feel free to follow me as well.

I got these cute little crystal mushrooms for free gifts to my Mercari buyers. They exceeded my expectations with their cuteness. Perfect size for shipping with no added weight, so go buy something if you want one! If I know you in real life you may get two! Currently charging on my selenite disc, they all stand upright with no problem. I’m going to get a few other styles soon, hearts, stars, crosses, spheres.

I also received one of three new oracle decks yesterday the other two should be here today. I’m waiting on showing those ones until it gets a little closer to the end of the month. The first deck is The Urban Crow Oracle. So nice! I love the art and the card stock feels nice to shuffle. See above pics for the collective card I pulled yesterday. Happened to be the first card ‘abunadance’, even though I shuffled three times! So I take that as significant.

Alright I’m ending this here, lots of time has passed between these last two sentences, I wasn’t able to load pics for a while. Now I’m having an uneasy feeling all of a sudden, let me fix that. Everything is fine. Have a great day! Balance chakras 🧘🏻‍♀️