A relaxing vacation
Chomping on nori. Trying to naturally increase my iodine quickly with one sheet a day, and help swelling with this drink, not sure I like it yet, I might get pure pineapple juice next time

A relaxing vacation


I got a honey walnut shrimp bowl from panda today and this was my fortune 👇🏻. Is this sarcasm because it just so funny to me. I am resting my legs, ankles still swollen I doubt I’ll be having a relaxing vacation doing anything else, reading maybe. I don’t think this is a destination town either 😂. However school has commenced and the streets are busy again, where they had been dead since I’ve arrived.

I just took my nail polish off from NYE 😱. I know, it was a longtime to have polish on the black polish stained my nails yellow. They need filed shaped, whitened and moisturized. Going to do all that today, wish I had some cuticle oil or any oil but I don’t. I do have dermalect cream…somewhere. Hope to find it soon, until then a have a small bottle of Cerave.

Not much to say today, going to keep it short. Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon!